Done the Run, but not a sausage roll in sight.

Well, the run’s done. And there was me thinking my eight year old would walk most of the course! She ran and ran and ran – five miles with barely a pause other than to have a shlurp of water. Children have a habit of surprising you like that. What impressed me most, though, was not that she found it easy but that she found it tough and yet she kept on going. She never gave up, and I’m very proud of her because that shows a lot of strength. So well done to Anisha, and to all the other children who ran that day – oh, and well done to all the parents, too; there were a lot of puffed out grown ups at the finish line. My daughter was very pleased to get her medal at the end (and my son, who’s four, was excited to put mine around his neck), but she wasn’t so pleased with the cheese pasty that was in the Gregg’s bag at the end of it all. She was expecting a sausage roll and I think it was, partly, the promise of that sausage roll that kept her going. Ah, well, never mind. She managed to raise over £150 for children’s cancer research, so I reckon we can stretch to a sausage roll for her some time in the near future.


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