Run, Forest, Run!

That’s it, then. There’s no escaping it now. I’ve signed the form, got the t-shirt, raised a few pounds, so now I’m going to have to do it. Run.

Yep, run.

It’s the 28th Children’s Cancer Run on Sunday 9th, and I’m doing it with my daughter who will pep me along the five mile cross-country slog, er … run.

I’m not sure I’m designed for running. I mean, I like to try to keep fit, but … running? My brother and his wife, now they are runners.

They run all over the place. They’ve done marathons ‘n’ everything. Mind you, I am going to be running with my eight year old daughter, so I’ll have an excuse to slow down.

‘Honest guv’nor, she’s very tired. Really.’ Or maybe she’ll put me to shame, and she’ll be the one dragging me along.

Anyway, here’s to it, and thanks everybody who’s sponsored us, helping to raise money for North of England Children’s Cancer Reasearch.

It’s a great cause and we’ll get to the end of it – one way or another.

And… ‘Run, Forest, Run!’

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