Publication Day

Good day yesterday. DRY SEASON has finally been released into the wild, so now it’s there for all to see. I hope that everyone who reads it is entertained by it and finds something in it that they like. It’s going to be great to hear what people think – I hope. My brother treated us to lunch – always nice – and it was good to catch up. He was my constant partner in my overseas adventures (most of them, anyway) and it’s always a regret that he now lives so far away. There were a few absences at the table, but not everyone can just drop ‘n’ roll when they want to. Oh, and then there was a meal last night. I know, I know, going out to eat twice in the same day, but it was an important day for me – *sits back and holds stomach*. I probably ought to mention that ‘Sweary Clare’ was on very good behaviour and only uttered a few expletives, so that was something of a relief for the couple sitting quietly next to our noisy table.

So, just a quick post to mark publication day and to thank everybody for a good day yesterday. Thanks also to everyone who’s already bought the book, and for those of you who haven’t, well …. watchoo waitin’ for?

Dan Smith

2 thoughts on “Publication Day

  1. At last!! My copy was delivered today, now I just have to master the task of reading it without creasing the pages or spine.

    Now lets see; kids in bed around 7:30 – 8:00, dinner around 8:30, glass (or 3) of wine from 9:00 dimmed lights (apart from reading one), send missus to bed, settle down to savour the moment and …………….let you know how I get on.

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