Dry Season’s First Review

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I received an email this morning from a good friend who I used to work with but now only drink with. Actually, when I say ONLY drink with, well, isn’t that enough? Anyway, he drew my attention to this morning’s Metro and Dry Season’s first review. It’s appeared a little earlier than expected, but hey. In a flurry of excitement, I rushed out to the station, but it was after twelve by the time I got there, and all copies were gone. But being a resourceful friend (and one who works for a design company) Gary pulled out all the stops and I now have a scan of the paper which I can share with you – if you’re interested.

It’s a kind of middle of the road review, but a review none the less … and to put Gary’s spin on it, the only criticism is a ‘wish for more’. Exactly. Well, hopefully a lot of people will have seen it and , let’s face it, who wouldn’t be drawn to that rather striking young man in the photograph.

Dan Smith’s Official Website


2 thoughts on “Dry Season’s First Review

  1. First of the three debut novels reviewed, along with picture and as you say left wanting more. Still wiating for my copy to be delivered….not long now

  2. Not long at all. Less than three weeks until publication. Still waiting for someone to hold up a hand and say it’s all been some kind of mistake. ‘Dan SMITH? Oh, sorry, we thought you said Dan BROWN.’

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