Orion … they say yes!!

Oh, some good news. Orion has accepted my second book. There will, of course, be edits and revisions and changes, but that’s all a natural part of the process. When the book finally goes to print, it needs to be the best it can be. It’s only right that way. And while my editor was looking over that, I have drafted another! Yes, I’ve been hard at work, not just sitting back with my hands crossed behind my head (although, there is a bit of that, too). So, my wife is reading that – in her capacity as first reader – and I am turning my thoughts to what I’m going to write next. Mind you, with Christmas creeping up and both children being off school from tomorrow, I may give myself a few days before starting again. After all, I need to make time for eating and drinking. Now, let me see, all we need is a bit of snow.


What’s that you say?

There IS going to be snow?

Oh, you mean like we WERE going to have a barbecue summer?

Dan Smith

2 thoughts on “Orion … they say yes!!

  1. Thanks Mike. My faithful reader. Can’t even get my wife to read my blog without a reminder. I guess she has too much of me at home – she doesn’t need me to be on her computer as well. So it’s true … you CAN have too much of a good thing.

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