Keeping up with…well, with everything.

Term is coming to an end, and the week is full of ferrying children this way and that. I’ve already been to three plays and two carol services. Two different churches yesterday, over two hours of singing and readings and now my head is reeling. So all that’s left is to wrap birthday presents (yep, birthday – I mean, who would be so inconvenient as to have a birthday at this time of year?), print out a copy of my next book, entertain my four year old, find the party, pick-up, drop-off and … breathe … and I’m just a dad – think what all the mums have to do. Thing that worries me, though, is my sieve-like memory. Everything slips my mind, and I know I’m going to forget something. Someone is going to be left somewhere, wondering where I am. And it will probably be me. So if you see me looking bewildered, just say a kind word and point me in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Keeping up with…well, with everything.

  1. Come on man, I find it hard to believe that someone so adept at juggling words and have them land so eloquently on the page has a sieve-like memory.

    You’re just suffering the male condition – selective memory and the ability to play on it – ps don’t tell Jo I said that coz its mostly my only defence.

  2. Heh. Well … I dunno. Juggling words is one thing, but children? They’re not so easy – even harder than Mexican kitten juggling. Mind you, you have so many of them, you should be a better juggler than most. Bet your Christmas is going to be a noisy one. I get what you mean about the selective memory, though – and I won’t tell anyone. Shhh. It’s our secret.

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