Eee, you can get anything on ebay these days!!

I’ve been whoring myself across the internet for the last couple of months. My aim was to join a few social networking sites, forums, that kind of thing, and have a few backlinks etc. so that when Dry Season comes out and someone searches my name on Google, they’ll get something – anything – with my name on it that might lead them to my website. Problem is, though, there are too many Dan Smith’s out there. Search for just my name and I’m way down on the list – about 60th. Pah! Search for Dan Smith + Dry Season, though and you get me straight away. You also get a recipe for ‘Dry Rubbed Flank Steak’. Oh, and yesterday I discovered that someone is selling a book proof of Dry Season, along with the press release, on ebay. I know, I know, the cheek of that person. It’s not the correct cover, it hasn’t been typeset or proof-read but still …. Ah well.

Hey! That's my book, that is!

Actually, though, I was secretly rather smug. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Someone is selling something I wrote on ebay as if it’s some kind of illicit, hard to get item – as if they might actually get a couple of quid for it. And then I saw the price and realised that they actually are hoping to get … just –  a – couple – of – quid – for – it.

£3.74? You know how much work I put into that? It’s gotta be worth at least a fiver.


3 thoughts on “Eee, you can get anything on ebay these days!!

  1. Well, this IS the start of something big, or should that read REALLY BIG.

    Can’t wait for my copy to arrive. Hope you still remember us small people when you’re at your first Film Premiere.

    • Well, one can but hope. I can help noticing, though, that the ebay posting didn’t get any bids. Nope. Not even one, single bid. *shrugs*. Oh well. All those people will kick themselves when it becomes a collectible.

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