Jesus, Ben 10 and Dry Season

1st of December today. Phew. It goes so much quicker when you’re older. Last weekend my son was given a Ben 10:Alien Force advent calendar (very in-tune with the whole Christ thing, I know), and he’s been desperate to open it. These past few days must have felt like an eternity to him, looking up at the calendar in the kitchen, craving that one small chocolate that’s hidden behind each door. The excitement of chocolate after breakfast has been almost too much for him to bear. He was very pleased to have it this morning, and I’m sure it will brighten his day for the next … 23 days. As if to mark the occasion, winter seems to have dropped on us this morning, too. First frost, cloudy breath, cold ears on the way to school.

So, it’s just 24 days until Christmas. Great. I love Christmas. Oh, and it’s just two months until… Dry Season is published. 9 weeks. That’s all.

I know, I know, you’re thinking that celebrating the birth of Jesus is more important than my book, but you can’t blame a guy. I mean, I’ve been waiting a long time for this. As far back as I care to remember, I’ve wanted to see my writing in print and bound in covers. Finding an agent was exciting (especially one so good!), going to Orion House was great, preparations have come in increments, and everything feels as if it started so long ago, but it’s finally drawing near. With the help of all the great people at Orion (thanks Jon and Gen and Jade), I’ve done the re-writes, I’ve done the edits, I’ve done the proof reading, I’ve seen the cover, it’s on all the bookshop websites, but…I still won’t believe it until it I see it. In my hands. My book. And hopefully a few people will go out and buy it – they’re sure to enjoy it, and they may even take something away from it.


2 thoughts on “Jesus, Ben 10 and Dry Season

  1. Ah the joys of advent calendars. I tell you, this is where you see clever marketing in all its glory. My 4 children each have an advent calendar and they would rather have the tiniest chocolate that the laws of physics allows to exist than any other treat you care to mention. Imagine that, you can sell the equivalent volume of chocolate contained in a Cadburys ‘button’ for the price of 4 Marathons, yes Marathons not Snickers (ooh I’ve just had a flashback of that fabulous sweet Divia made some 2 weeks ago mmmmm). I can’t decide if I am just an old moan or excedingly jealous at such commercial genius.

    Looking forward to the book tho.

  2. Probably a bit of both – an old moan AND jealous. I think it’s an unwritten law that once you reach a certain age, you become an old moan. In fact, I think I’m very mature and may have peaked a bit early, because I’ve always been a bit of an old moan. You’re right about the calendars, though, both children are so excited to get the tiniest scrap of chocolate and the revelation of which Ben10 character is behind the door. Still, if it makes for a more exciting start to the day, I’m all for it.

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