Think Geek

Got my cheap copy of Modern Warfare 2 from Sainsbury’s. After seeing the advert during Flashforward last night, I thought £26 was quite a bargain considering the rrp is something like £50. Wandered down there after dropping my son off at school this morning, expecting a crowd, but no. All was quiet. Shop assistant said there was a line out of the door first thing, all of them trying not to look too excited, but the geeks had subsided by the time I arrived (well, apart from me, that is). Anyway, I finished reading through the first draft of my new novel this morning – looking pretty good so far, even if I do say so myself – so I cranked up the PS3 this afternoon and had a go.  Looks good so far. Read somewhere that they’re expecting to sell 5 million copies worldwide on the first day. Wow. I’m gonna work REALLY hard on the next draft of my new book and then maybe…just maybe…naaa, prob’ly not.

Dan Smith’s Official Website


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