Halloween Party

Halloween seems to have grown so much. I know I’m not the first person to say it but…there you go. I do remember trick or treating once when I was in Sumatra. It was probably 1980, something like that, but it was a couple of Australian friends who introduced us to the concept and maybe they’d already been Americanised. Not sure their idea of a trick was so great though – sitting in a tree doing morse code with torches. Hmm. Probably get petrol bombed these days. In fact, I’m waiting for the latest version of Penny for the Guy that seems to have hit our streets the last few years. A couple of menacing boys standing on the doorstep (without Guy, I might add) and the immortal words, ‘Pound for the Guy’. How times change, eh?


Would you open the door to this Trick or Treater?

Anyway, I went to a Halloween party this year and it was great fun. My cousins came up from Birmingham – always good to see them – and we took the children to a party at Gosforth Racecourse. We were lucky enough to be in a box, so we didn’t have to join the throng down below. Instead, we saw the show in style and could nip inside when the children were cold. ‘Same Difference’ (from X-Factor so I’m told), and Nemesis (Britain’s Got Talent), and there was at least half an hour of fireworks which my son assures me didn’t scare him (yeah, right). Oh, there was a bar, food, sweets for the children, and everybody was dressed up in the spirit of it all. A little devil for my wife (who was still concerned that her costume be just so) and Jason Voorhees for me. So, another secret fantasy fulfilled, then. It was great fun. Thanks for organizing it all, Lisa.

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